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Uncle Yossi's Classic Story Collection (Illustrated)

Sub Title Favorite Jewish Tales for All Ages
Author by Rabbi Yosef Goldstein

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Stories by: Rabbi Yosef Goldstein
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 112 
Size: 8.5x11 
Ages: 6-15 
ISBN: 978-1-891293-51-1
List Price: $24.95
Other Formats: Audible


This delightful collection of classic tales and parables drawn from Jewish lore and tradition will entertain all ages, while teaching universal ethics and morals. It is the perfect bedtime treat before a night of meaningful dreams. With over 85 beautiful illustrations, this enchanting storybook will be read over and over again, making a lovely gift for every family, including yours!

1. The Hour of Fortune
2. Little Tzip Tzip
3. The Ten Wedding Gifts
4. The Big Barrel of Wine
5. The Overturned Inkwell
6. Reb Ariel and the Lion
7. The Great Surprise
8. The Two Voices
9. The Three Sacks of Gold

Hear the original recordings HERE.


Rabbi Yosef Goldstein

For over forty years, “Uncle Yossi” has been a household name in Jewish homes around the world. A legend amongst youngsters, master educator and storyteller, Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, has inspired generations of children through his stories and songs conveyed in a wholesome and captivating manner, teaching the eternal ethics and morals of our people and heritage.

Carefully blending stories, parables, and tales drawn from the Torah, Talmud, and Midrash, he instilled a love of G-d, love of the Torah, and love of the Jewish people, while inspiring fine character development and personal refinement. From the first release of what was to become an ongoing series, his recordings were eagerly welcomed in homes across the spectrum.

Enjoy his unique wisdom and warmth through this collection of his stories as transcribed from his recordings.

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