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The Shabbat Table Companion

Sub Title Complete English transliterations for all meal related liturgy, plus over 150 popular Shabbat and Holiday songs!
Author by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

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Author: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
ISBN: 978-1891293115
Binding: Hardcover, plus 2 ribbons 
Pages: 160 pages 
Size: 5.5x6.5 

Put Out the Best for Your Family and Guests Around the Shabbat Table!


This new 10th Anniversary Edition of the popular Shabbat Table Companion will help bring the full Shabbat experience to life in your home. 

With clear instructions and English transliterations of all Hebrew blessings and prayers (Kiddush, Havdallah, Grace After Meals), this book is a complete guide to creating a Shabbat atmosphere in the home.

Ideal for beginners and pros alike, get a copy for each of your family members, guests and friends!


  • Instructions for every action, prayer, and ritual, from lighting the candles at the beginning of Shabbat to the concluding Havdala.
  • Blessings of the appropriate Kiddush ceremony for each meal of the Shabbat and for special holidays are provided, along with the text of the appropriate prayers and actions for each meal and occasion.
  • Over 150 popular Shabbat and Festival table songs.
  • This book also opens right-to-left to facilitate easier reading of the English transliterated Hebrew texts.
  • A comprehensive introduction helps you understand the basics of Shabbat observance as well.



You've set the Shabbat table, meticulously, paying attention to every fine detail. And everything is in its place. New guests, who have never experienced a traditional Shabbat or Festival meal, have been invited, and you hope you have remembered everything. Finally, your family and guests arrive home from the synagogue, and Kiddush is made. The tantalizing Shabbat fish you have prepared gets rave reviews, and a good time is being had by all. Your guests become inspired and wish to fully participate and get involved. Usually, the obstacles to involvement are the lack of familiarity with the procedures, and more commonly, the language barrier - given that all of the blessings and most of the songs are in Hebrew. No problem! Next to each place setting you've placed the new Shabbat Table Companion, created especially to overcome this barrier to full participation. The meal turns out to be a great success. Your guests love it. You've done it again!

About the Author

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein has written ten books, including the bestselling "Shabbat Table Companion" and "Going Kosher In 30 Days!." His ability to blend sensibility and passion along with an authentic Jewish education has helped thousands live more Jewishly every day.

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