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The Itche Kadoozy Show

Sub Title All the Greatest Episode Scripts Are Inside!
Author by Dovid Taub & Jono Goorvich

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Binding: Softcover
Pages: 408 
Size: 9.5x8.25 
ISBN: 978-1-891293-61-0


Enter the world of Rabbi Itche Kadoozy, where a normal day is never quite normal, big laughs are to be expected, and Torah lessons can be found around every corner!

Enjoy over 400 pages of hilarious yet highly educational episodes straight from the world-famous “ITCHE KADOOZY SHOW.” All the greatest episode scripts are inside! Hosted on CHABAD.ORG for over a decade, the quirky and highly-entertaining show quickly drew fans and admirers from across the globe, rapidly rising to become one of the top Jewish educational children's shows, generating over 5 million views from people of all ages and religious affiliations.

Rabbi Itche Kadoozy, Jono, G-Fish, and the entire cast are all here once again for your reading pleasure. Learn about Torah and mitzvos, the Parsha, and Jewish Holidays like never before, as the adorable team leads you through their zany antics and madcap capers. You can read the scripts straight through or divide the parts among your family members, friends, students, and watch the educational hilarity ensue!


THE SHOW: Feelin’ At Home • The Fish • The Pigeon • Koshermentary • Yarmulke • Kiddush • Brochot • Hebrew Lesson • A Word from Jono • Jono and the Whale • The Burglary • Jono’s Lemonade Stand • Jono’s CellPhone • Prayer • Personality Clash • New and Improved? • Jono’s Time Machine • G-Fish ‘Toon • Silent Film • Moses For President.

THE MITZVAH GUYS: The Minyan Guy • The Blessing Guy • The String Guy • The Lawn-Chair Guy The Wilderness Guy • The Charity Ladies • Feeling Hakhel.

HOLIDAY SERIES: Road Trip • High-Holiday Bloopers • Hap-bee New Year • Captain Awesome • Lights...Latkes...Action! • Chanukah Mini-Series • The Miracle of Purim • Purim Is Awesome! • Pesach Mini-Series • A Matzah Documentary

PARSHA REPORT: Looking for G-d in Central Park • Sarah Redux • Lentil Soup • Staying Awake • The Wrestler • Jono’s Psychedelic Elephant • Jono for VP • A School of Gefilte Fish • Rabbi Jono • Crisis in Egypt • Baby Basket Gridlock on the Nile • Blackout in Egypt • Ten for the Price of One Goldstein, Goldstein & Fish Legal Services • The Do-It-Yourself Temple • Press Me! Image Not Available • The Musical “As a Jew” • Afflictions of Yesteryear • How to be Holy...Kind Of • Party Time • Jono’s Little Mountain Song • Sandy Trails • The Vow • Week in Rejew • We’ve Got a Grape Show! • The Great Debate • Chukat-Balak in Three Minutes • Lotto Land.

THE QUEST FOR FISH: Origins • Limits • Obstacles • Detours • Do-Over • Respect • Action • Heritage.


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