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The Shabbat Table Companion (CD)

Sub Title Learn the traditional Shabbat Kiddush, Grace After Meals, and other prayers
Author by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

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Vocals: Rabbi Chaim Fogleman
Music: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
Program Length: 42:19
Format: Audio CD 
UPC: 677715003048


Learn to make Kiddush and other Prayers for the Shabbat Home!

Learn the traditional Shabbat songs and prayers for the meals and create a real Shabbat atmosphere in your home. Become familiar with the songs of Sholom Aleichem, chanting the Kiddush, and the full Grace After Meals, as they are clearly read and sung aloud. Also includes Shalosh Seudos (the third meal), and Havdallah (the Shabbat concluding ceremony).

Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of around the Shabbat table at home.


1. Sholom Aleichem
2. Eishes Chayil
3. The Evening Kiddush
4. Azamer Bishvochin
5. The Grace After Meals - Shir Hamaalos
6. The Grace After Meals - Hazon
7. The Grace After Meals - Nodeh
8. The Grace After Meals - Val Hakol to End
9. Shabbat Afternoon Kiddush
10. Asader L's'udoso
11. B'nei Heicholo
12. Havdallah
13. Melody Tag


Helped me Learn My Way!

"We have been trying to learn the song Asader Lesudoso as whenever we go to a friends house for Shabbat lunch they sing it and I love it. It however is very difficult. I have just now found it here. What a find! Now I can play it over and over again til I learn it. Won't they be surprised when I can join in with the singing. Thanks! Shabbat Shalom to everyone back in the old country. We have a half hour to go so I'm out of here." --David Stanley - The Valley, CA

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