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Shabbat Synagogue Companion (CD)

Sub Title Learn the basic songs and prayers of the Shabbat services!
Author by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

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Vocals: Rabbi Chaim Fogleman
Music: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
Program Length: 54:04
Format: Audio CD 
UPC: 677715003147


Quickly Learn the Prayers and Songs of the Shabbat Services!

Sing along in the synagogue! Learn the basic songs and prayers of the Shabbat services, so you can join and sing along with ease. Includes 27 of the most popular tunes and prayers from Friday night and Shabbat day davening in a typical synagogue. Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of the Shabbat services.

Pause at each congregational reading or song and learn the words and melodies as they are clearly read and sung aloud.


1. L'chu N'ran'na
2. Shiru La-shem
3. Mizmor L'Dovid
4. L'cha Dodi
5. Sh'ma - V'ohavta
6. Mi Chomocha
7. Va-y'chulu
8. Mogein Avos
9. Oleinu
10. V'al Kein
11. Al Tiro
12. Hodu La-shem Ki Tov
13. Ho-aderes
14. Boruch She-omar
15. Ashrei
16. Yishtabach
17. Keil Adon
18. Lokeil Boruch
19. Shira Chadosho
20. Nakdishoch
21. Modim
22. Vayihi Binsoah
23. Bay Ano Rochitz
24. L'cho Adoshem
25. V'zos Hatorah/Aytz Chaim
26. Hu Elokeinu
27. Ain Kelokeinu


Helped me Learn My Way!

"I've been searching for something like this for a long time. This CD has helped me feel more involved in the services and brought out community synagogue to life." --Jewish Music Review

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