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Say-a-Blessing Electronic Keychain

Sub Title Press a button and learn the blessings for food and drink
Author by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

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Voice: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
Format: Electronic
Content: 10 Blessings + LED light
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As featured on "" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!"

Blessings often come in disguise...this one comes with batteries! 

Baruch Atah Ado...?
Perhaps you dropped out of Hebrew school a little too soon or are learning Hebrew for the very first time. With just a touch of the button, this pocket sized keychain recites one of 10 blessings of your choice including the blessings over challah, wine, and washing of the hands. 

Also included are the prayers of "Modeh Ani" and the "Shema." The blessing is first stated in Hebrew and then translated into English, leaving you enough time after each word to repeat the blessing. 

It's no longer hard to remember all the different blessings there are to say before eating or drinking different kosher foods! No more fumbling for the prayer book or messy cards. 

Press a button and Say a Blessing! It is a mitzvah for Jewish people to recite blessings before and after eating or drinking. 

These unique and age-old blessings help one connect with God to express thankfulness and gratitude. Now you can say the correct blessings in the original Hebrew wherever you are! Never fumble for or mumble a blessing again! 

Use it every day of the week (except on Shabbat and Jewish holidays). It also conveniently features a LED flashlight for that late night snacking! Get one for each member of your family, school, or synagogue. 

Perfect for party favors and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's!

(Come with free user-installable batteries)


Button 1 Al Netials Yodoyim: This blessing is recited after ritually washing the hands prior to eating bread.
Button 2 Hamotzi: Over breads and rolls (ritually wash hands first).
Button 3 Mezonos: Over foods from wheat, barley, rye, oat, or spelt that are not bread (i.e. cookies, pretzels, pasta).
Button 4 Hagofen: Over wine or Grape Juice.
Button 5 Hoaytz: Over any tree-grown fruits (apples, oranges, pears, plums, certain nuts, etc.).
Button 6 Hoadomo: Over any earth-grown vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, legumes, etc.).
Button 7 Shehakol: Over meat, chicken, fish, cheese, and all liquids except wine or grape juice.
Button 8 Brich: Short grace for children and early beginners after eating food. Not a permanent substitute for the Full Grace, which is found in Jewish prayer books.

Button 9
 The MODEH ANI (I offer thanks...) This short, yet powerfully meaningful prayer is recited as soon as a Jew awakens in the morning, thanking God for restoring his soul and for giving him another day, and another chance to make the world a better and holier place.
Button 10 The SHEMA (Hear, O Israel..) The essence of Jewish faith, the Shema is recited three times a day: In the morning, evening, and just before going to sleep. It is customary to cover one's eyes with the right hand when reciting the shema to promote concentration. The Boruch Sheim is recited in an undertone. The remaining portions of the Shema are found in the prayer book. 


We're getting worried in our family. Uncle Saul used to say the blessings. He was fluent in Hebrew and knew them forwards and backwards (actually, since it's Hebrew.... backwards and forwards). But Uncle Saul moved on to that great Accountant's Office in the sky. Then came cousin Louis. Granted, he wasn't as skilled as Saul, but he could still muster a convincing Hamotzi if he had to. But when Louis steps down, who will say the blessings? The younger family members (and by younger, we mean those under sixty) simply have not bothered to learn Hebrew. What will we do? Thank G-d, someone has invented “SAY-A-BLESSING.” It's an electronic device that's like having a rabbi in your pocket. Say-A-Blessing expertly recites EIGHT essential blessings -- You'll get blessings for food, for wine, for meat, fruit, and even for the washing of hands. All of the blessings are said slowly, giving the entire family time to recite them with the electronic rabbi. PLUS, as an added bonus, there are two complete Jewish prayers, including the Shema! Say-A-Blessing is endorsed by leading rabbis. And as an extra mitzvah, batteries are included. Such a deal!(Rachel ---)

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