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Non-Stop Chabad 1 (CD)

Sub Title Press Play and let it go for the Best 75-Minute High-Energy Medley of Chabad Niggunim that'll get everyone dancing!
Author by Yaron Gershosvky, Zalman Goldstein

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Produced by: Zalman Goldstein
Format: Audio CD
Program Time: 75:15


Press Play and let it go for the Best 75-Minute High-Energy Medley that'll get everyone's feet dancing!

Over 75-minutes of continuous high-energy Chabad Nigunim featuring some of the finest musicians in Jewish music.


Produced & Directed


Arranged & Performed

Additional Orchestrations


Mixed and Mastered

Yaron Gershovsky (Bass and Keyboards), Nachman Dryer & Yanki Katina (Guitars), Shlomie Cohen (Sax/Flute), Danny Flam (Trumpet, Bone and more), Tony Gorruso (Trumpet), Gal Gershovsky (Drums), Zalman Goldstein (synths and other stuff).

To the composers of these beautiful Nigunim. To Avremi G for notation and support. To Nichoach for preserving these treasured melodies. To the fans of my Chabad Classics series — your support and encouragement made this 12th release in the series a reality!


1. V’Somachta
2. V’Somachta II
3. Eimosai
4. Al Hasela
5. Uforatzto
6. Rotziso Hashem
7. Odor a Maaleh
8. Kain Bakodesh
9. V’Chol Karnei
10. Nigun Simcha 
11. Nigun Simcha II 
12. Ani Omarti
13. Nigun Simcha III
14. Atoh Hokail
15. Hey Tozmo
16. B’Cho Hashem
17. Yifrach B’Yomov
18. Wake Up Yidden
19. Ohaiv Hashem
20. Hevel Havolim
21. Didon Notzach
22. Ashreinu
23. Taamu Ureu
24. Shuva Shuva
25. Nodah B’Yihuda
26. Tzatzkes
27. Harninu
28. Utzu Eitza
29. Shimu Rabbotai
30. K’Sivah Vachasimo
31. Azamer Bishvochin
32. Hoaderes
33. Hoaderes II
34. Ano Ano Avdoh
35. Hu Elokainu
36. Bnei Heicholo
37. Hamavdil
38. Od Yishama
39. Samach T’Samach
40. Tranena Sifosai
41. Nigun Simcha IV
42. Zivchu Zivchei Tzedek
43. Prozos Teishev
44. Nyeh Zherutzi
45. Nyet Nyet Nikavo
46. Oydcho Hashem Elokai
47. V’Yaydu Ki Atoh
48. Vayivchar B’Dovid
49. Vaanachnu Amcho
50. Roay Yisroel
51. Tishrei Kaddish Theme
52. Rachamona
53. Ovinu Malkeinu
54. Atoh V’Chartonu
55. Atoh Horaiso
56. Hakofos Niggun
57. Hakofos Niggun II
58. Rosh Chodesh Kislev Niggun
59. Al Nisecho
60. Vayehi Bimay
61. Ki Elokim
62. Eloh Shebchol Dor V’Dor
63. Mipi Kel
64. We Want Moshiach Now!
65. Sheyiboneh Beis Hamikdosh
66. Shluchim March
67. Tayere Brider
68. Grand Finale


Press play for the Best 75-Minutes of Jewish Music!

"Non Stop Chabad" is waiting for you to get up off your feet and start dancing to the excellent 75-minute album which won't have you stopping for a second. The music featured on this album contain many of today's famous Chabad melodies that we hear and enjoy at Fabrengens and Simchas all over the world. 

The album is entirely instrumental and "Non Stop" throughout all 68 tracks. A large number of songs on this CD are ones you already know and have always loved, no matter how old or young you are. Not only is this album a top notch production, it features top arrangers and musicians as well. Each track on the album flows into the next, living up to its title of "Non-Stop." You press play and let it go for the best 75-minutes that'll get you in a joyous mood. 

This album will be playing in our homes and kitchens on Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov, filling us with nonstop joy. My favorite thing about this album is that not only are there Niggunim that we all recognize, there are also Niggunim for Shabbat and the Holidays. favorite Chabad tunes are arranged and put to music with the help of excellent orchestrations and arrangements. I can guarantee that this album will not let anyone down, it will lift you up and help you sore higher on the wings of authentic Simcha.----(


The viral hit music CD album titled “NON-STOP CHABAD” by Zalman Goldstein (“Chabad Classics”) broke a unique record in Jewish music, being the first to feature an entire 75-minute music CD filled end-to-end with a single non-stop continuous medley. “Over 65 high-energy Niggunei Simcha are strung together one after the other, performed by some of today’s top Jewish musicians such as Yaron Gershovsky, Yanki Katina, Nachman Dryer, NY Brass, and others, guaranteeing listeners of all stripes will be dancing all the way through Tishrei,” said Zalman Goldstein (, “In these depressing economic times it’s wonderful to give people a soul-reviving escape while showing that one can still use Niggunim in an upbeat format and keep the feet dancing.” 

Released in time for Chai Ellul, the 312th birthday of the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement, and the 265th birthday of the “Alter Rebbe” Reb Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Chassidus, the fresh CD of Chassidic music is distributed by Aderet Music and can be found in fine Jewish stores everywhere, as well as at (Jewish Music News)
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