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Non-Stop Chabad 2 (CD)

Sub Title Soft and contemplative Niggunim presented as never before, featuring other-worldly flutes and other wind instruments.
Author by Yaron Gershosvky, Zalman Goldstein

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Produced by: Zalman Goldstein
Format: Audio CD
Program Time: 76:08
List Price: $14.95

Evocative and contemplative Niggunim presented as never before!

Also available on iTunes!

Over 75-minutes of continuous classic Chabad Nigunim featuring other-worldly flutes and wind instruments in one long mesmerizing medley.

Produced & Directed


Arranged & Performed


Additional Credits
DAVID WEISS - Piccolo Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Chinese Flute, Pan Flute, Penny Whistle, Bass Recorder.
KEVIN KUHN - Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki.

Mixed and Mastered


1. Niggun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov
2. Niggun Yud Beis Tammuz
3. Anim Zmiros
4. Ach Leilokim
5. Adon Haslichos
6. B'Cho Botchu
7. Essen Est Zich
8. Hoaderes
9. Hordishtisher Niggun
10. Niggun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov II
11. Niggun D'Veikus
12. Niggun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov III
13. Keli Atoh
14. Kol Bayar
15. Niggun Hisvaadus
16. Niggun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov IV
17. Niggun Hisvaadus II
18. Niggun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov V
19. Ovinu Malkeinu
20. Lechatchila Ariber
21. Niggun Meyuchos
22. Niggun Rostov
23. Yaaleh
24. Atem Sholom
25. Tzomo L'cho
26. Niggun Nikolayev


Album Carries Contemplative Tone

On the heels of producer Zalman Goldstein’s hit "NONSTOP CHABAD," which brought a continuous medley of high-energy Chabad Nigunim to Jewish homes, offices, and cars around the world, comes a follow-up release titled "NONSTOP CHABAD - SOFT & EASY," coinciding with the 20th anniversary since the beginning of the original CHABAD CLASSICS music series.

Whereas the first "NONSTOP CHABAD" CD had everyone dancing to a continuous medley from the moment they pressed play, this tasteful release offers evocative and contemplative Niggunim in a soulfully rendered 76-minute medley, making fresh use of other-worldly flutes and wind instruments.

"People were very taken by the continuous-flow format of the original "Nonstop Chabad" music album," says Zalman Goldstein, who’s been producing quality Chabad music productions since 1994, "So it was natural to follow up with a sequel in the same format for the times we feel the need to slow down, contemplate, meditate, or to simply relax."

Goldstein chose to keep this album focused around well-known classical Chabad melodies so that everyone can be instantly familiar with it and feel right at home. One of the outstanding features of this album is the calming yet familiar way the Niggunim are presented, and it is sure to appear in homes, cars, and offices around the globe, as are all his other high-quality productions.

Will there be a Nonstop Chabad 3 anytime soon? "You can count on it!" says Goldstein.

With his never-ending stream of quality products in addition to his Chabad music series, such as The Shabbat Table Companion; The Rabbis Companion; Going Kosher in 30 Days!; The Kotel Siddur, and many more, we are impatiently looking forward to see what’s next. (Source: 
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