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My First Niggunim - (CD)

Sub Title Fill your baby’s world with the warm sounds of Jewish tradition! Let the gentle sounds of these Niggunim soothe and nourishing their Jewish soul.
Author by Yaron Gershosvky, Zalman Goldstein

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Produced by: Zalman Goldstein
Performance by: Yaron Gershovsky
Format: Audio CD 
Program Length: 63:30


Fill your baby’s world with the warm sounds of Jewish tradition!

Let the gentle sounds of carefully-selected instrumental Niggunim soothe and cuddle your baby while nourishing their Jewish soul.

From restful tinkering bells to airy harps; sweet fluttering flutes to dancing fiddles, each instrument thoughtfully chosen for its gentleness, grace, and charm, encouraging relaxation, comfort, and peace.


1. Mellow Cello
• The Rebbe’im
• Hiney Ma Tov 
• A Sukkaleh 
• Adon Haslichos 

2. Rollicking Vibraphone
• Kemofeis Ho-Yisi
• Utzu Eitza
• Mimitzrayim
• Uforatzto 

3. Soothing Harp
• Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen 

4. Dancing Fiddle
• Nyet, Nyet
• Yiru Es Hashem
• T’ranena Sefosai

5. Singing Accordion
• Y’Vonim
• V’Somachta
• Nigun Simcha
• Hu Elokeinu

6. Bouncy Piano
• Ribono Shel Olam
• Yemin Hashem
• Ki Elokim

7. Lively Flute
• Am Yisroel
• Torah Tziva
• Eimosai

8. Restful Clarinet
• Ach Lei-lokim
• Shimu
• Areshes
• Ya'aleh

9. Wind-Up Music Box
• Ani Maamin
• Niggun Simcha
• Hevel Havolim

10. Lilting Viola
• Keli Ato
• Prozos Teishev


Today there are Jewish music CD’s for teens, for young children, for adults, for every segment of the aging and ageless, but what about our babies? Well, here is one! “MY FIRST NIGGUNIM” is a wonderful collection of soothing Chassidic melodies played on gentle-sounding instruments that any kvelling mom will enjoy hearing in the baby nursery over and over. The overall sound is soft and comforting, yet still musically tasteful — thanks to the mastery of Yaron Gershovsky. 

This instrumental album manages to amazingly cover over 30 Chabad Niggunim through ten thematic medleys. Finally, a perfect gift for myself, and for friends and famiy members who recently gave birth. It is something that will help mom and tot keep their happy smiles long into the night. --- Jewish Music Review

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