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Chabad Centennial Symphony (DVD)

Sub Title Immerse yourself in an incredible philharmonic journey through 300-years of Chabad-Chassidic musical masterworks
Author by Yisroel Lamm, Avrham Fried

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Vocals: Avraham Fried
Music: Yisroel Lamm
Format: DVD Video


Immerse yourself in an incredible philharmonic journey, spanning 300-years of Chabad-Chassidic musical masterworks, captured live by Emmy-award winning video and audio directors!

The Chabad Centennial Symphony was performed before an audience of 2,000, in March of 2002, showcasing over 40 songs and melodies, arranged in ten thematic suites, as orchestrated and conducted by Yisroel Lamm.

A special highlight of the event is the performance of international performer and Chassidic star, Avraham Fried, who performed some of the most powerful and moving melodies in Chabad's illustrious repertoire, accompanied by the awesome sound of the symphony. The musical tribute also features the debut performance of the Russian-Jewish folk group 'The Nikolayev Kapeliah' led by Misha Gutenberg.

Also notable at this event is the presentment of the 'Chabad Music Heritage Award' to early pioneers of recording and disseminating Chabad Music.

Get one for yourself and for family and friends. Makes a great gift too!


Opening Overture
1. The Polishe March
2. Nigun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov
3. Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nigun

The Rebbe's Medley
4. Dark'cho
5. Ki Anu
6. Ki Anu II
7. Hu Elokainu
8. Anim Zmiros
9. Tzomo Ech Ti
10. Tzomo
11. Stav
12. Asader

The D'vaykus Suite I
Vocalist: Avraham Fried
13. Tzomo L'cho 14. Kaayol Taarog

The Lubavitch Suite
15. Nigun Simcha
16. B'cho Botchu
17. Essen Est Zich
18. Shaty Uf Yidelach (only on DVD)
19. Nigun L'Shabbos (only on DVD)
20. Hop Hop

The Nikolayev Kapeliah
21. Ech Du (only on DVD)
22. V'nislach
23. Nye Zhritsi (only on DVD)
24. Zol Shion Zein (only DVD)
25. Hanishomo (only DVD)
26. Chotsh Mi Chudi

The Yom Tov Suite
27. Kaadish
28. Kol Nidrei (only on DVD)
29. Ki Hinay
30. Nigun Hakofos
31. Yodaty
32. Napoleon's March

Nyet Variations
33. Nyet Nyet Nikavoh

The D'vaykus Suite II
Vocalist: Avraham Fried
34. Nigun Hisvaadus
35. Nigun SImcha

The Farbrengen Suite
36. Thematic Motif
37. Nigun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov
38. Adon Haslichos
39. Nigun Hisvaadus
40. Nigun Simcha

The D'vaykus Suite III
Vocalist: Avraham Fried
41. Ani Maamin
42. Hupp Cossack

The Geula March
43. The Geulah March

Chabad "Music Heritage" Awards (only on DVD)
Presented to early pioneers of recording and disseminating Chabad music:
Cantor Moshe Teleshevski, Rabbi Eli Lipsker, and music arranger Pesach Sokolow.




"Spectacular, Uplifting! A Brilliant and Breathtaking Celebration!"

David "Dudu" Fisher

"Hearing the full symphony beautifully playing these melodies was a great step in reminding us all of the grandeur of the gift bestowed upon us by God!"

Michael Isaacson - The Israel Pops Orchestra

"The swell of sound and emotion gripped my senses and lifted my heart!"

Ken Herring, Jewish Press

"A special, mesmerizing experience. I connected on a deep level. I found myself drawn in, welling with emotion. A wonderful example of a miracle before one's eyes and ears!"

Layne Batt, Emmy Award Winning Video Producer

"A Profound Undertaking. Preserving the Legacy of Lubavitch Music!"

Pete Sokolow, "Klezmer Revival"

"Triumphant. A Perfect Gem. Unparalleled in Chassidic Musical History!"

Sam Seltzer, Chicago Music Review

"A Joyful, Inspiring, Spectacular Showcase of Chassidic Music!"

Rabbi Sholom B. Lipskar

A Very Good Performance

I have a DVD player but never found a Jewish music DVD. This hits the spot! The Orchestra conducted by Yisroel Lamm gives a great performance of Chabad’s great musical works. The DVD recording is very clear and features surround-style sound, which makes you think that you are watching the performance live. The video uses many different camera angles, which focus on the dominate instruments. Makes for a more involved experience. Overall, if you like classical music, you will thoroughly enjoy this concert. - Robert Posner, Richardson, TX

Impeccable Performance

Yet another Zalman Goldstein blockbuster. Top quality video, magnificent sound from the orchestra’s great performance. Technically, this video stands FAR ABOVE any other Jewish music video around. It was obviously recorded by top cameramen under the direction of a great musical/video director. The camera angels are composed with taste and follow the action impeccably. Thankfully Goldstein reaches for the best in his productions. A good collector's item. - Abraham Bronson, Southern California

An Altogether Superb Presentation

The video quality is excellent. The camera shots illuminate the various musical instruments, as they are highlighted. There is a tasteful and discrete amount of panning. This should now become the standard for all modern DVD recordings. The orchestra is a large one, almost overwhelming. However, the conductor, Yisroel Lamm, keeps them in tow, and the sound is rich and full. Lamm gives a cute performance. He is no Kurt Masur and he conducts more like a bandleader than a classical conductor, nevertheless it works great. The recording was made before a live audience. In all, this is a very satisfying and enjoyable experience for Jewish music fans, and for symphony lovers generally. I rate this a "must buy". - Ken Herring

It Just Changes Your Day!

When I wake up in the morning, I usually wake up with music. After I say Modeh Ani and wash negel Vasser, I listen to this music. It is so amazing what music can do to you, it just changes your entire day. The whole day just becomes a sweet dream and I really recommend getting this CD. - D.R. -- Montreal

Note of Appreciation

I would like to personally show my gratitude to Rabbi Zalman Goldstein and Avraham Fried for their work on the Chabad Centennial celebration. I have the CD for my office, the Cassette for my car, and Video for my home. This work and thier past works provide me with a lot of inspiration and Jewish pride...Thank you! - Alan Swartz, Alta Loma, CA

It's absolutely beautiful!

Just received the CD today and I cannot stop listening to it! It is a most professional production, bringing out Chabad-Lubavitch Nigunnium at their best. There is nothing like it! - Eytan Abrahams -- England

A Miracle Before One's Eyes and Ears!

Over the years I've had the merit to produce, photograph and edit many Chassidic videos and documentaries. Watching the “Chabad Centennial Celebration” was a special, mesmerizing experience for me. I found that I connected on a deep level with the passion of the musicians as they performed and interpreted the melodies and tunes of the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidim. Time, as it seemed, began to slow down for me. I found myself sitting down after a busy day, drawn in, and surprisingly welling with emotion, recognizing the music that I so often only heard (and enjoyed) while editing video productions, as it was being performed with a complete symphony orchestra. A wonderful example of “a miracle before one's eyes and ears.” A true tribute to the Rebbe and to Chassidic music, and clearly a sign of the blessings bestowed upon the show's producer. - Layne Batt, Producer, Boca Raton, FL

Congratulations on a Beautiful DVD and CD!

I was very pleased to see and hear the music DVD and CD you produced for the 100th anniversary concert in honor of the Rebbe.

I'm reminded of the story by Rabbi Nachman, about the King's son who fled the palace and was living the life of a simple peasant. When the king made his rounds of the kingdom he found a note thrown into his chariot in his son's handwriting. The son petitioned his father for a small straw roof to keep the sun from his head. The King cried because his son merely asked for simple straw and had forgotten he was the son of a king.

We have so much yet to accomplish in bringing our royal treasure of nigunim and prayer settings to the listening public. Hearing a full symphony beautifully playing these melodies was a great step in reminding us all of the grandeur of the gift bestowed upon us by our Father in Heaven. - Michael Isaacson, Founding Director of the Israel Pops Orchestra, Encino, CA 

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