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About Us

The Jewish Learning Group is here to serve you on the path to meaningful and joyful Jewish observance. We provide easy direction and instruction for leading an authentic and enjoyable observant Jewish life. Our easy-to-understand books and guides on Jewish living, traditional prayer texts with transliteration and instruction, audio guides, and more, assist people at any level of knowledge or education. Grounded in Torah and authentic Jewish law, our publications are embraced by all segments of the Jewish community.

Our History

The Jewish Learning Group was founded in 1996 by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein to encourage and support individuals and families on their quest for Jewish growth. A scholar and creative thinker who combines sensibility, passion, and Torah knowledge, Rabbi Goldstein has authored over twenty books on topics of Jewish interest and produced a plethora of Jewish music, providing education, guidance, and inspiration to individuals and families seeking to grow in their understanding and observance of Judaism. Many of his titles have won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for excellence in publishing and have been translated into numerous languages. His clear writing style imbued with an authentic Jewish spirit and perspective has helped thousands of Jewish individuals and families live more Jewishly every day.

Our Impact

Our books and educational materials are used throughout the world and continually enjoy the rousing endorsement of outreach directors and lay-people everywhere. Our user-friendly guides have helped tens of thousands of Jewish people on every continent, including guests at the Passover Seder of the White House staff and visitors to the Kotel (the Western Wall), and can be found in Jewish homes and synagogues across the globe. In recognition of the quality and innovation of our work, we have been consistently rated as one of the top independent publishers in the United States for our innovation, quality of design, and educational value. Every day we continue to innovate with new projects always in the works. 

For more information and if you are interested in initiating or dedicating a project, please email us or call us toll-free at 1-888-56-LEARN (1-888-565-3276). The Jewish Learning Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All charitable contributions are tax-deductible.