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Read Me a Story - DVD

Read Me a Story - DVD

Featuring: Uncle Yossi
Program length: 42:00 min
Format: DVD Video

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A BRAND NEW Video That Will Delight and Educate Children of All Ages!

Four (4) favorite storybooks by master-storyteller “Uncle Yossi” come to life on this BRAND NEW VIDEO DVD with his iconic narration, thematic music and sound effects, along with vivid imagery from inside his printed books. Kick back on the couch and let these classic stories be read to your kids while they sit and enjoy. Over 40 minutes of video stoytelling!

1) Sarah! Pick Up the Dime Little Sarah must overcome a big dilemma when two voices begin whispering in her ear. Her father helps her make the right choice by sharing a story that made all the difference. (Based on Lekutei Amorim, Ch. 13)

2) The Big Barrel of Wine The king is coming to visit Grapetown. The wine-makers excitedly build a gigantic barrel to be filled with wine in his honor. But something goes wrong and the great welcome turns instead into a great embarrassment. The people of Grapetown learn about personal responsibility. (Based on the Talmud, Bava Basra, p. 24b)

3) The Mystery of the Overturned Inkwell An inkwell tips over and a beautiful drawing mysteriously appears. Could this drawing have been made by itself? A story about discovering the true Master and Creator of the world. (Based on Sefer Chovas Halevovos, ch. 7)

4) The Three Sacks of Gold Three artists are invited to compete by creating a masterpiece to decorate a wall in the king's palace. One artist tries to win the competition without doing any work at all — but the wise king isn’t fooled and teaches him a lesson in honesty and fairness. (Based on the Talmud, Megillah, p.6b)


Rabbi Yosef Goldstein

Master storyteller and educator Rabbi Yosef Goldstein (“Uncle Yossi”) defined the world of Jewish storytelling and inspired generations of young and old with his memorable stories and parables, conveyed in a wholesome and captivating manner.

For over 30 years "Uncle Yossi" has been a household name in Jewish homes throughout the world. Almost a legend amongst youngsters, master educator and storyteller Rabbi Goldstein has inspired generations of children with his stories and songs, conveyed in a wholesome and captivating manner, teaching the eternal ethics and morals of our people and heritage. Carefully blending stories, parables and tales of our righteous sages.

From the first release of what was to become an ongoing series, the recordings were eagerly welcomed. Many parents today remember growing up listening to the soothing voice of Uncle Yossi, and we are happy to make this book series of these timeless stories available for your children to enjoy as well!

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