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The Rabbi's Companion

The Rabbi's Companion

Author: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
Binding: Hardcover, plus ribbon
Pages: 312 pages
Size: 4.25x6.25
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All-In-One Lifecycles Madrich


Digital version available: iBooks link

This newly released RABBI’S COMPANION brings all pertinent laws and liturgy for major lifecycle events together in one place and places them at your fingertips. The well-designed, comprehensive pocket-sized book written by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein (SHABBAT TABLE COMPANION; GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS), ensures no more fumbling with photocopies and searching for the right books to take along — just grab it and go.

Clear, authoritative Halachic information and instructions according to Minhag Chabad are given, providing the guidance needed during life's most important moments. The well laid-out book is written in English, with all necessary liturgy in clearly set Hebrew. A link to print out hand-out sheets with transliterations is provided to aid with communal participation.

Meticulous in detail and thoroughly reviewed by Rabbi Sholom B. Chaikin for Halachic accuracy, the RABBI’S COMPANION is a terrific resource and a vital addition to anyone’s bookshelf or glove compartment.


    • Naming a Baby Girl
    • Bris
    • Pidyon Haben
    • Upsherin
    • Bar Mitzvah
    • Wedding
    • Visiting the Sick
    • Final Prayers
    • Funeral
    • Shiva Home
    • Unveiling & Visiting a Cemetery
    • Talking Points
    • Link to Print out Liturgy Sheets for communal participation


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About the Author

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein has written ten books, including the bestselling "Shabbat Table Companion" and "Going Kosher In 30 Days!." His ability to blend sensibility and passion along with an authentic Jewish education has helped thousands live more Jewishly every day.

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