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The Passover Seder Table Companion

The Passover Seder Table Companion

Author: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
ISBN: 1-891293-17-6
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160 pages
Size: 5.5x6.5

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The Entire Haggadah Transliterated!
Perfect for all your guests

Take the guesswork out of the four questions. Follow along or lead a Seder in the original without knowing how to read Hebrew, thanks to clever syllable-by-syllable transliteration of the Seder's every word — from the first cup of wine through the last table song.

Step-by-step directions spell out the practical and spiritual dimensions of each ritual and symbol. The plain language used throughout makes this pocket-sized guide ideal for all who want to fully participate in an authentic Seder.

A comprehensive introduction helps you understand the basics of Passover observance as well. The book opens right-to-left to facilitate easier reading of the English transliterated Hebrew texts.

Instructions for every action, prayer, and ritual are supplied, from preparing the home for Passover, to the Search for Chometz, to the lighting of the Festival candles, to the "Four Questions" makes this ideal for beginners and pros alike. Get a copy for each of your family members, guests and friends!


  • Clear step-by-step instructions throughout.
  • Entire Hagaddah in Hebrew with easy-to-read English translation and transliterations.
  • Over 50 popular holiday table songs.

    Achas Shoalti
    Adir Hu
    Adon Olam
    Aileh Chomdo
    Al Achas
    Al Haselo
    Al Tiro
    Am Yisroel Chai
    Ani Maamin
    Asher Boro
    Atoh V'chartonu
    Avodim Hoyinu
    Chad Gadya
    Chasal Siddur Pesach
    Dovid Melech Yisroel
    Echod Mi Yoday-a
    Eliyaho Hanovi
    Hinay Mah Tov
    Hoshia Es Amecho
    Illu Hotzianu Dayaynu
    Im Atem
    Keli Atoh
    Ki Lo Noeh
    Ki Mitziyon
    Kol Haolom
    Leshono Habo-o
    L'maan Achai
    Lo Yiso Goy
    Min Hamaytzar
    Od Yishoma
    Or Zaruah
    Oseh Shalom
    Ovinu Malkeinu
    Ovinu Malkeinu Chonaynu
    Shema Yisroel
    Simon Tov
    Uvnei Yirusholayim
    V'hee She-omdo
    V'Hoayr Aynaynu
    Yiboneh Hamikdosh
    Yism'chu Ha-shomayim
    Yisroel B'Tach Bashem
    Ymin Hashem

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    About the Author

    Rabbi Zalman Goldstein has written thirteen books, including the bestselling "Shabbat Table Companion" and "Going Kosher In 30 Days!" His ability to blend sensibility and passion along with an authentic Jewish education has helped thousands live more Jewishly every day.

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