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Shabbat Songbook Refill

Shabbat Songbook Refill

Author: Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
ISBN: 978-1-891293-47-4
Binding: Sprial-Bound, Heavy Stock,
plus Laminated Cover
Pages: 112 pages
Size: 4.25x8.5

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Refresh Your Shabbat Table Experience!

We have gathered over 100 most requested Jewish English songs and placed them at your fingertips, helping you enhance the joy and warmth of your Shabbat and Holiday meals. Goes alongside the Shabbat Table Companion perfectly. Get a copy for each of your family members, guests and friends. As low as $2.98 each in quantity!

• Long-lasting spiral binding
• Heavy paper stock
• Large, easy-to-read typeface
• Laminated cover eliminates stains
• Over 100 popular English songs
• Does not include Kiddush or Benching (see our "Shabbat Table Companion" for that)
• Makes a perfect complement to the Shabbat Table Companion!

1. A Small Cup of Wine
2. Aibishter
3. Alef Beis
4. All the Animals That We Eat
5. Amongst Majestic Mountains
6. Antiochus
7. As A Jew
8. A Young Boy Holds
9. Be Humble
10. Big Gedalia Goomber
11. Benjy
12. B’siyata D’shmaya
13. ‘Cause I’m A Jew
14. Chanukah, Oh Chanukah
15. Colored Candles
16. Count on Me
17. Daavening and Learning
18. Daddy Dear
19. Put a Smile On Your Face
20. Dear Camp Gan Yisroel
21. Dear G-D, I Am Just A Little Boy
22. Dip the Apple In The Honey
23. Do You Know
24. Dollar Bill
25. Don’t Hide From Me
26. Don’t Walk In Front of Me
27. Every Jew Possesses
28. Father Please Listen
29. Footsteps of Moshiach
30. Forever One
31. Flying Lokshin Kugel Eater
32. From 770
33. From North To South
34. Goodbye Golus
35. Happy Days
36. Hashem Created
37. Hashem Gave Us a Present
38. Hashem Is Here
39. Hineni
40. Hold On
41. I Am a Mountain
42. I’d Rather Pray and Sing
43. If I Would Have the Might
44. I Have a Little Dreidel
45. I’m A Hippopotamus
46. In A Small College Town
47. In A Village Near Our Home
48. In The Zoo
49. It Happened Yom Kippur
50. It’s Time to Say Good Shabbos
51. I’ve Got A Lovely Jewish Name
52. Just One Shabbos
53. King Achashverosh
54. Larry Levi & Co.
55. Latkaleh, Latkaleh
56. Listen Every Jew
57. Look Around
58. Loshon Hora
59. Manhattan Street Corner
60. Marching Forth
61. Mexico
62. Modeh Ani
63. Mr. Fix
64. My Mother’s Shabbos Candles
65. My Zaidy
66. Neshomo’le
67. No Jew Will Be Left Behind
68. Oh, Moshiach
69. Oh Rebbe
70. Oh Why
71. Ooh Le Le
72. One Peaceful Friday Night
73. One Small Candle
74. Our Holy House
75. Puff the Kosher Dragon
76. Ride the Train
77. Shabbos Angels
78. Shabbos Is Going Away
79. Shabbos Queen
80. Someday
81. Stones
82. Take the Time
83. That’s My Boy
84. The Atheist Convention
85. The Angel
86. The Little Bird
87. The Middos Song
88. The Ninth Man
89. The Place Where I Belong
90. The Time Is Now
91. The Wagoneer
92. Those Were the Days
93. To Love a Fellow Jew
94. Together
95. Unity
96. Wake Up Yidden
97. We Are Ready
98. We Want Moshiach Now
99. We’ve Existed So Long
100. Who Knows One?
101. Yoseph My Son
102. Young Folks, Old Folks
103. You’re Never Alone
104. Z’rizus

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About the Author

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein has written ten books, including the bestselling "Shabbat Table Companion" and "Going Kosher In 30 Days!" His ability to blend sensibility and passion along with an authentic Jewish education has helped thousands live more Jewishly every day.

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