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Chabad Classics 3 (CD)

Chabad Classics 3 (CD)

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Music: Zalman Goldstein
Format: Audio CD

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The Classic Continues - Vol. 3

Instrumental journeys that will awaken and massage the most delicate threads of your soul!

This volume is a soothing collection of more Chabad favorites.


1. March
2. Nigun Hisvaadus
3. Hupp Cossack
4. Nigun Hissvaadus II
5. Nigun Rikud
6. Ech Du
7. Nigun D'vaykus
8. Nigun Rikud II
9. Ki Hinay
10. Nigun L'Shabbos V'Yom Tov.


Another Musical Legacy

Surround yourself with the serenity of Chabad Classics. Jewish instrumental music that will warm your heart, touch your soul, and lift your spirits. Fresh orchestral arrangements cloak the rich and majestic musical legacy of the Chabad Chassidim with royal timbers. Each melody — a chosen gem!

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